One of Bulgaria’s last ‘Wild’ beaches, this place is truly a must-see, especially if you fancy escaping the crowds and commercialisation of Sunny Beach. The 3km stretch of beach and curling waves of the black sea is protected by beautiful cliffs and abundant flora and fauna – the perfect backdrop for the perfect holiday snaps!

Irakli Beach

It is a popular naturist camping site during the summer months ….Yes I did just say naturist. The peace and tranquillity during the week means this is the perfect chance to get liberated if you’re brave enough to bear all (if skinny dipping is on your bucket list, this is the place to do it guys!). It’s easy to find your own little spot away from the other punters so you do as you please, an opportunity barely (excuse the pun) available at Sunny Beach.

Iralkli Beach

Getting There: From Sunny Beach it’s an easy 30-40 minute drive through the beautiful hillside. If you have hired your own car you’re all set! However, don’t be disheartened if you haven’t got your own set of wheels because for 120 Lev (around £60) you can hire a return journey by taxi arranged with your hotel. Grab a few friends to split the cost with and it’s definitely worth it!

What to Bring: There is a beach bar offering snacks and drinks and an area with sunbeds and parasols, so you don’t really need anything ( heck, it’s a naturist beach, you don’t even need to remember your swimsuit!) though if you want to keep the trip cheap it would be advisable to bring your own parasol, towel, drinks and snacks to save money. Sun cream is a must and if you’re planning on baring all remember your high factors because there are definitely places you do NOT want to get burnt! There’s not much in the way of entertainment so if you’re not cool with just swimming and sunbathing, go prepared with some on-beach activities.

So if you fancy something a little more serene during your stay near Sunny Beach, soak up the stunning scenery of Irakli beach, one of Bulgaria’s last wild beaches. And if you’re feeling wild yourself, ditch the drinks and dancing for a different kind of buzz and bare all at the beach!

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6 Replies to “Baring All in Bulgaria! A Guide to Irakli Beach!”

  1. I love to go to countries that ‘everyone’ goes to but go to places nobody goes! I have heard so much about Sunny Beach but this place looks so lovely! A wild beach sounds like such a nice way to spend a day!

    1. Thanks Ellie! It was truly beautiful. Sunny beach is ..interesting haha I think everyone should do one of the party holidays at least once and I’m a strong believer in no matter where you are in the world you can find some fab things to do and see if you look hard enough!

  2. Aweee, I love this post! I have family from Bulgaria and I love it when a fellow blogger mentions it in their post! It is a country full of hidden gems – I would also absolutely recommend visiting Byala when you have the chance. It is small, cute, relaxing and the beaches are amazing in summer!

    Thanks for sharing x


    1. Thanks! I’d really like to go back and see some of the less touristy bits! It’s such a shame many tourists miss so many fantastic things if they don’t know where to look! x

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