Season’s Greetings guys!! I don’t know about you, but I for one am fizzing with festive cheer for the upcoming Christmas season! One of my favourite things about Christmas (aside from the mouthwatering food, sparkling decorations and general Christmas giddiness of course) is gift giving; I love getting my loved ones that perfect present and seeing their reaction when it’s opened. To me there’s no greater satisfaction than giving a great gift! However, it’s not without it’s trials and tribulations; spending hours patrolling the internet or fighting your way through Christmas shoppers on the high street looking for that perfect gift can be tiring, time consuming and at times, even traumatic! So for the count-down to Christmas I’m going to try and lend a helping hand by doing a series of gift idea posts which will hopefully spark some inspiration for all of you struggling to find that ideal gift! Of course, these posts will only be about things I feel I know well ( so I apologize in advance if your loved one is a car or aircraft enthusiast as in these areas I’m as much use as a chocolate tea pot), so where better to start than gifts for travel lovers. All the things below are either things tried and tested by me or that I would love as a gift myself. So without further ado, for the twelve days of Christmas, here’s my twelve gifts for travel lovers!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own and I just feel like these are genuinely amazing products that I have or would happily purchase with my own money. Additionally, the photos in this post are not my own, they have come from the product website and are owned by that company. All can be found with the linked product.

For the Arty Traveller; A Country Scratch Map

I received one of these as a secret santa gift a few years ago and I LOVED it! For those who love to document their travels, this is a unique and arty way of doing so. It also doubles as a very personal piece of wall art for those travellers who also love a bit of home decor. There are many different styles out there at a variety of prices but this is the design I have which I love, and on ‘Find Me A Gift’ it’s only £6.99!


For Those Who Love To Write; Travel Journal

For the wordy travellers like myself who love to scribble down their day-to-day ramblings whilst globetrotting, a travel journal is an amazing gift idea. There are so many different styles varying from blank notepads to make your own, to structured books with fun headings and categories to help spark writing inspiration. You can even get some of them personalised! This is a gift with so much scope, it’s easy to get it perfect!

Here’s a really amazing leather bound blank book which screams Gulliver’s travels

And here is a more structured one from ‘Not on the High Street’

For Those Without A Go-Pro; Waterproof Phone Case

Now this is the PERFECT stocking filler if ever I saw one. I used mine countless times on my South American gallivant and I am so pleased I purchased one. These cases allow you to use your phone in and under water so you can take pictures and videos without the worry of getting your phone wet.  What’s more, these little beauties are dirt cheap! Just remember to test the integrity of the case first, just in case! You can find these on Amazon, here’s a link to the one I have:

For Planning Their Next Adventure; Lonely Planet Guide

I LOVE the lonely planet guides and pour over them before I go on a trip, they have a diverse range from country, continent and city guides to more generic books such as the ‘best hikes in the world.’ So whether your loved one has a specific trip in mind or is just looking for some inspiration for their next adventure, Lonely Planet has you covered! Check out their full range here:

For The Traveler Who Loves To Read; Simon Reeve, Step By Step

If anyone is going to inspire and be relatable to the travelers at heart it’s the phenomenal Simon Reeve! Many of you may have seen him in action scampering around the globe on the BBC documenting his many “on the edge of your seat” adventures. I am currently reading this book now and it’s really tugging at my Wanderlust. His autobiography is an excellent read and I’m sure will appeal to any keen reader who loves to travel! Get it on Amazon here:

For The Photographer; Funky Camera Strap

As many of you know, I am a keen photographer and nothing excited me more than receiving my beautiful new camera strap. I love anything colourful and quirky and my new camera strap meant among the sea of Canons and Nikons my camera always stands out wherever we go. This Dutch site has some amazing and unique straps.

For Those Who Love to Cook; World Kitchen subscription

This is a great idea for the traveling foodies! These subscriptions allow any hungry traveler to bring the foods and flavors of the world into their own kitchen! There are lots of ideas to choose from available on ‘Not on the High street’ so you can be sure to get something to suit all tastes!

For those who want to travel light; Microfibre Travel Towel

I got one of these for my trip to India and have never looked back, these super fast-drying towels fold down into a tiny flat package which can fit in anyone’s luggage. They are great for saving space and will always be dry by the next use, which is not always the case with bulky, run of the mill towels. Here are some from ‘Mountain Warehouse’ for just £6.99 – Another great stocking filler!

For the Traveller who Finds it Hard to Pack; Packing Cubes

I loved my packing cubes on my latest backpacking trip, it was so useful to be able to organise my things so when rifling through my backpack I didn’t need to disturb everything in the process of finding one item. It also meant I could separate out laundry to keep the rest of my bag clean and made life so much easier on the road! Here are some packing cubes from ‘Freedom Travel Gear’ which come with both mesh and sealed cubes ( perfect for laundry and things that could leak!).

For the Organised Traveller; Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are a god sent for any trip, it allows you to have all your important documents and information in one place with easy access. On my recent travels I was so jealous of Sasha’s neatly organised wallet while I was having to dig around at the bottom of my bag for stray pieces of paper. There are so many designs from the plain and practical to the blindingly garish, so there’s definitely something to suit everyone here! There are loads to choose from on not on the highstreet and Amazon like this one here…

For The Charm Bracelet Traveller; El Camino Travel Bracelet

I have one of these and I ADORE it!! El Camino allows you to document your travels in the way of a sort of charm bracelet; you collect beads which represent continents, countries and special places such as Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal. They have also recently introduced their ocean and adventure bead range which are beautiful! El Camino have thought of everything so if you want to get a personalised bead you can do that too! It is an incredibly versatile design so will look good with almost anything and it also provides present go-tos for years to come – Just by them another bead! Check out their store here!!

For the Sentimental Traveller; A Travel Keepsake Box

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to pick up souvenirs while traveling. It’s also a great gift idea for couples as you can get many of these personalised on ‘Etsy’ or ‘Not on the High street.’ I personally would love one of these as I’m always collecting things when I travel such as tickets, keyrings, brochures etc and it’s great to have somewhere to keep them all in one place! Here’s a nice design I found on ‘Not on the Highstreet’ but there are so many size and design options to choose from!

So there you have it, my 12 gifts for travel lovers this Christmas! I hope this has left you buzzing with inspiration and keen for my next instalment; Gifts for Disney Nerds, another topic close to my heart! Until then, happy shopping!


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