Season’s greeting’s everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastically festive run-up to Christmas! As promised I’m here with my second installment of ‘The Baby-vet’s Gift Guides’ and I’m very excited about this one as it’s Disney themed!! If you haven’t checked out my last post, ‘Top Gifts for Globetrotters and Travel lovers’ check it out here! I’m aware Christmas is approaching fast  and I didn’t get this post up at the time I wanted (I have discovered it’s fairly hard juggling a blog while in full-time veterinary employment, especially as I am currently writing this while on call, hoping the animals of the North-West behave themselves until I can get this posted!), but I hope it’s still within time for you all to get your hands on these amazing gifts before the big day. But anyway, back to the task at hand; this post is for all the Disney nerds out there; for those who love to wear Disney, watch Disney, live amongst Disney, there’s something to suit all Disney lovers here. As a self-professed Disney obsessive ( how many times can I say “Disney” in two sentences!?), this is a passion project for me and I am essentially writing you guys out my Christmas list because sooooo many of these fantastic products are on mine!!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own and I just feel like these are genuinely amazing products that I have or would happily purchase with my own money. Additionally, the majority of these photos are not my own, they belong to the company selling the product and all have been linked back to their website.

So without further ado, here’s my top gifts for Disney nerds this Christmas….

Disney Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend;

In recent months Disney have teemed up with so many amazing brands to produce the most stunning pieces of jewellery on the market. From the glaringly obvious character themed merchandise to beautifully understated pieces with a subtle nod to Disney magic, there is something to suit all tastes! Here are a few of my favourites which would make the ideal present for the bling Disney-lover:

‘H Samuel’ have a few fantastic collections from the ‘Chamilia’ Disney charm bracelets to the fairytale ‘Ever After’ collection and even a new Disney Villain theme in their ‘Enchanted’ range, which I am not-so secretly in love with! Check out this link to view their full range and here’s a picture of some of my favourite pieces!

‘Couture Kingdom’ is a brand I am fairly new to discover but have quickly fallen in love with. Their jewellery is breathtaking! I was immediately captivated by their unique and adult take on Disney jewellery and I have a shopping basket full of items ready to go when my next pay-cheque arrives, not to mention a few more on my Christmas list! Check out their extensive range here:

Get Organised with a Little Disney Magic;

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but who doesn’t love beautiful stationary? There’s something almost as magical as Disney itself, opening up a crisp new journal to begin the new year. With the help of Papier, you can now combine this wonderful feeling with a little  Disney magic with their range of gorgeous Disney-themed journals! I recently purchased my own and I am actually in love with it!! What’s more, not only is the outside of the journal so beautiful you want to almost put it on display, but the inside layout is fantastic; It has a monthly view as well as daily pages and includes fabulous features like to-do lists and goals which is an amazing way of keeping on track. Here’s a picture of my Disney journal to get you inspired!

Diversify Their Disney Wardrobe

Gone are the days when Disney themed clothing only went up to age 11, now everyone can have a Disney wardrobe no matter what age or size you are, and there’s so much choice!!! For those on more of a budget, ‘Primark’ and ‘Boohoo’ offer fantastic Disney products from shoes and socks to jumpers and dresses. I am already stock-piling ready for my trip to Walt Disney World in September 2019! ‘ASOS’ is another great platform to find Disney merchandise from a whole host of stores including big brands such as Vans who have jumped on the Disney band wagon! And of course, the Disney Store itself sell adult clothing too, like I said, there’s so much choice!!




Disney Store

For Disney Music Lovers

Now I’m sure we can all agree that Disney has produced some of the best-loved songs of all time that no matter your age, you can’t help but sing along to. So why not buy your Disney obsessed loved one a Disney CD? Que hours of sing-alongs on road trips, making cleaning the house infinitely more bearable, breaking out the top Disney tunes at a party and of course it makes great shower time music! There are so many CDs to choose; from your favourite movie soundtracks to a collection of well known Disney bangers. ‘Now that’s what I call Disney’ is a personal favourite of mine! There’s an abundant selection to choose from on ‘Amazon’, check it out here:

Gifts for the Disney Home-bird

With the help of some fabulous brands Disney is now invading our homes, and I love it!! Primark once again are leading the way when it comes to cute budget Disney merchandise. The Mickey and Minnie make up bag and Minnie Mouse tea pot are two of my cheeky “self-gifts” this festive period and I adore them! Truffle Shuffle has more Disney merch than you can shake a stick at;  from cookbooks and toast moulds to Disney princess facemasks and everything in between! And of course, Shop Disney, have a fabulous range too and are currently selling the cutest kitchenware ever and I love this Alice in Wonderland stack effect tea cup!

Get Competitive with Disney Games

Christmas time is the best time to sit down with family and friends and have those long over-due bonding sessions. What better way to rejuvenate those relationships than with some friendly competition? Disney have created a multitude of games to provide endless entertainment regardless of age. From well-known classics with a Disney twist like ‘Trivial Pursuit’ and ‘Monopoly’ to newer games such as the ‘Disney Song Challenge’, ‘Guess the Film’ and ‘Eye Found It.’ There’s also the newly produced Disney cards against humanity spin off, though I will say this one is not really for kids! Again, check out ‘Amazon’ for a full range of ideas:

And Finally….You Can Never go Wrong With A Disney Movie

A sure-fire way to earn brownie points with any Disney fanatic is to expand their collection of Disney movies! Opening a special edition blue-ray copy of one of your favourite Disney movies will never fail to put a smile on anyone’s face at Christmas!

So there you have it! My top festive gifts for Disney nerds! I hope this gave you some inspiration on how to find that Disney magic this Christmas, I have definitely managed to lengthen my own wish list in the process of writing this post! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year with some new posts and a few exciting things on the agenda!!

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