Ok, so I know we’re all being driven wild not being able to go out into the world and we’re facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment which sucks. I am no different and I too am feeling lonely and frustrated by the situation. However, focusing on the negatives isn’t going to help anyone, least of all yourselves. So, I’ve been trying to look at things in a different light and I’m hoping this list of positives I’ve drawn from this lockdown experience will maybe make some of you feel a little better and help you focus on the plus points too!

So here is my list of positive things about being in lockdown. 

1. There Are Worse Things Than Being Stuck In Your House

I know that despite this it still sucks and it doesn’t change how you feel about the situation. However, when I’m in a really negative mindset, putting things into perspective can really help pull me out of it. I saw something trending on Instagram which said: “In our grandparents’ generation the government were enlisting men to go and fight in the trenches in World War Two, all your government is asking of you today is to sit in watching Netflix.” Now, when put like that, it all of a sudden doesn’t seem too bad. 

I am a big believer in acknowledging feelings and I don’t think it’s right to tell people not to feel something or make them feel guilty for doing so. Staying in can be isolating, worrying and frustrating and it’s ok to feel like that. But when you feel you’re able, to focus on putting the situation into perspective can be great for your mood and how you view the situation.

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2. It Has Given Us Time

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list of things you wish to try, learn, do if only you had the time. Well, now all many of us have is an abundance of it, so use this time to your advantage and try new things, focus on self-improvement and take up new hobbies. If you play your cards right this isolation period could leave you coming out of it with new skills, better fitness and a new outlook on things.

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3. It’s Bringing Out The Best In Many Of Us

All over our social media platforms, I have witnessed people coming together, helping each other, creating new ways to communicate, to entertain to assist those in need and it’s really heartwarming to see. People are putting their skills to good use and it’s bringing together communities and people are going out of their way to help people in need. I have witnessed some of this kindness myself from my co-workers when I was in quarantine due to suspected coronavirus symptoms (all better now and back out into the world thankfully!) with people constantly checking in, depositing uplifting gifts at my door and making sure I had everything I needed as they know I live alone. This in my eyes is the best thing that’s come out of this situation and I hope it’s something we remember to maintain when normality returns. 

4. Spending More Time With Loved Ones

Unfortunately, as I live alone I do not benefit from this one, but I know so many people who are enjoying spending that additional time with their kids and loved ones. Make the most of this because you’ll miss it when it’s gone and think about how much you’re getting out of it!

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5. Working From Home Can Be A Huge Plus

You can live in loungewear, conference call in your comfies, organise your workday to suit you, avoid the hectic commute and enjoy that extra time in bed. I know it can be a struggle to get motivated at home but there are certainly some big positives if you look for them.



6. There’s No Pressure To Always Be Doing Something And No Fear Of Missing Out

I personally have found it quite freeing to have nothing to do and no expectations from anyone to do so either. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes, especially with the social media highlight reel, I can feel a little inadequate if I’m not spending all my free moments doing something cool. Now, because everyone is at home I don’t feel this same pressure and it’s really improved my mental health. There’s also a welcome lack of FOMO (Fear of missing out) because everyone is in the same boat. Sometimes it’s nice to have a duvet day and not feel judged for “wasting your weekend” so ensure your PJ and streaming game is strong and enjoy just doing nothing for a change!

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7. It’s A Chance To Re-charge

My friend who has a Fitbit commented the other day that her resting heart rate has dropped dramatically since not being at work. I too have just enjoyed having a week off work without any other plans which NEVER happens. I always feel in my everyday life I’m running around trying to squeeze everything in as best I can and juggling a work-life balance (often not too successfully) so it’s great to have the opportunity to hit pause and fully relax for a change. 

8. It’s Making Us Realise How Important Socialising Is

I think we all take things for granted sometimes and going out and socialising was certainly one of them. When we take things for granted this can make us lazy. Now we are unable to go out and socialise at the drop of a hat, I think it’s given us an appreciation for our friends and family and I for one have spent infinitely more time and effort making contact with loved ones than I ever did before. 

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9. It’s Been Good For The Environment

Now, let’s not make the mistake of thinking that a few weeks isolation is going to solve the infinite number of things wrong with our planet right now. However, fewer cars on the roads, no aeroplanes in the sky and globally reduced emissions are helping! Giving our planet a little rest from us all is what it needs and I hope we can continue to push for more planet-friendly change after this is through.

10. Last But Certainly Not Least, It’s Saving Lives!

Staying inside and social distancing may be a pain but it’s for a reason that’s bigger than all of us. By staying indoors and sticking to the rules we are all helping to slow the spread of this pandemic and helping to keep those vulnerable safe, and if that’s not positive, then I don’t know what is!

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