So You’re A Wildlife Nerd Seeking a holiday? Well, my friend Costa Rica might be your dream destination! Costa Rica is a breath of fresh air, now running the entire country on renewable energy, it’s a lush, green poster-child of good, environmentally friendly behaviour which the rest of us would do well to follow. Not only that, but it’s wildlife is abundant, unique and a must-see for any nature enthusiast. It was my fascination with wildlife which encouraged me to pop Costa Rica on my bucket list, and I can tell you ladies and gents it did not disappoint! That is why, fellow wildlife nerds I implore you all to book your next holiday to Costa Rica and I’m hoping this post and these photos will encourage you to answer Costa Rica’s call….

It is one of the largest turtle nesting havens in the world….

If witnessing the miracle of turtle life is on your bucket list too, then Costa Rica is the place for you! There are several nesting sites dotted all over Costa Rica so whether you are north or south, pacific or Carribbean side you’ll be able to find somewhere to fee your turtle cravings. We went to tortuguero and it was spectacular, check out my post here to learn more….

Also check out my post on how to be a turtle friendly tourist while visiting Costa Rica!

There are national parks everywhere

There are so many national parks littered around Costa Rica with wildlife so indifferent to human presence you can quite literally trip over it. Watch the monkey’s though, they are stealthy bandits and will take off with your worldly possessions given half the chance!

Here is just some of the wildlife you can expect to see……

White Faced Capuchin

Two-toed Sloth taking it easy

terrapin taking it easy

Found this little guy hiding under a leaf, like I said, wildlife is everywhere…

In fact, you can almost stand on it…

If experiencing wildlife on the ground isn’t enough for you, why not experience it from the water?

If you plan to head out to Tortuguero make sure you take a canoe trip to witness wildlife from a whole new and unique perspective. The naturalist guides have eyes like hawks and can pick out a skulking caiman or a nesting toucan which you wouldn’t have seen in a million years!

Baby Caiman



If you love giving something back while also seeing amazing animals, have your cake and eat it too at the Jaguar Rescue Centre

I ADORED the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Puerto Viejo. It’s ethos is amazing, you get to see some of the more elusive Costa Rican animals and some of nature’s cutest babies, all while donating to the amazing rescue and rehabilitation program they run. I challenge any animal lover not to fall in love with this place as much as I did! If you want to know more about the Jaguar Rescue Centre check out my full post here! 

This little lady is a peccary, delightfully nosey members of the pig family

Meet the Margay – the only cat who can run down a tree head first

The volunteers here help rear abandoned and orphaned babies

Hanging out with some baby sloths

So I’m hoping this post has tickled the travel taste-buds of all you animal lovers out there, because Costa Rica most definitely won’t disappoint!

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