As my site ‘Travels of a Baby-vet’ has been up and running for almost a year now!?! And 2017 has flown by spectacularly, I thought this would be a fitting time to write a year roundup! A cheeky Travels of a Baby-vet newsletter, if you will…

University life continues…..

Well, I guess I should begin….at the beginning! January saw the class of 2018 saying goodbye to veterinary lectures for good and moving onto the greener pastures of practical clinics! Now in true vet-school style, the celebrations involved fancy dress, this time with the theme if I wasn’t a vet… It’s safe to say there were some…..interesting costumes, largely from the boys, where it seems many of them have a secret desire to swap gender! I went as a midwife, as I guess I’ve always wanted to have a career with a caring and hands-on role. However, I feel the midwifery profession would have breathed a sigh of relief that I am in fact at vet school after seeing the state of my two ‘prop’ babies by the end of the night!! If you want to read more about the frivolities of ending lectures, click here….

After the toil of exams (which were thankfully passed!) we began our rotations on clinics. It seems like five minutes since we shuffled into the veterinary hospital like rabbits caught in headlights, not knowing what had hit us! Fast forward to December this year, and my little rotation group had officially completed and passed all our small animal rotations – a scary and exhilarating thought!! If you want a laugh at our expense and a sneak peak into the lives of vet students on rotation click here…


Fast-forward to summer 2017 and the real fun begins because it’s holiday time! Now for vet students this also means time for extra placements at vet clinics. As an exotics nerd I took full advantage of being able to visit as many zoos as I could and soak up the knowledge from the zoo vets who worked there. All this did was further instil a passion for this kind of work and cement my desire to pursue this as a career path. I also got to meet some spectacularly cool people and some even more amazing animals!! If you want to read my nerdy and excited ramblings about my time at ZSL Whipsnade zoo, where I was lucky enough to get a summer externship, click here…..


2017 was also the year for some fantastic holidays; Firstly, to North Wales with my family and magnificent mutt, Fred in tow. Theweather god must have been smiling on us as the fickle UK weather miraculously remained, for the most part, dry and sunny! We had a fantastic time wandering Wales; exploring fairy glen, conquering the largest zipwire in Europe and taking a dip in the sea! If you need ideas on things to do on a budget trip to beautiful Wales, check out my posts here…..  My second holiday of the Summer, after living together for four years and never managing to tie everyone down at the same time, we finally managed to go on a housemate’s holiday to Eastern Europe! This was a fantastic trip of sightseeing, laughter and an epic amount of food tasting! I was inspired to write a few pieces about this particular trip, two of which were published! Check them out here for some travel inspiration…..


And as for Travels of a Baby-vet? Well, I’m excited to report that despite my blogging career having to come second to work and uni commitments, Travels of a Baby-vet has gone from strength to strength! I’ve had some fantastic and proud moments on this blogging ride including getting published not once but by four separate companies! My little blog has also snapped up 3 blogger’s blogging awards which really means a lot that people are reading and enjoying my content!  I also had my first experience of sponsored blogging, when receiving two free tours which I was over the moon about (I also got approached to promote jewellery but…… I mean look at me… I’m a wellington clad, stomping around the countryside kind of girl, so I felt I wouldn’t really do their product justice!)!! Check out my awards and publications page to learn more…. Despite this success, I’m just excited people are getting something out of reading my blog and hopefully my readers will continue to enjoy my content as much as I love writing it!


So, what’s in store for 2018?! Well, hopefully (exams permitting), I should be graduating vet school in July 2018, something I have been aspiring to do since I’ve been a small child! So, you guys will be with me every step of the way, from me crying and procrastinating through exams to attempting to land my first ever job AS A VET!! Graduation also means one other thing…. GRAD HOLIDAY!!! The Class of 2018 are jetting off to Bulgaria for one last celebration together before we go our separate ways, and for all my sins I’m helping organise what will hopefully be an epic trip!! A few more adventures abroad have been planned for 2018; firstly, to visit my best friend and housemate who has just left us to continue the last leg of studies in Oslo, Norway. She will be sadly missed but…. Every cloud has a silver lining so I’m taking it as a great opportunity to do a bit of travelling to see her!! Next on the list is Denmark after exams as a well-deserved wind down for myself and a motley crew of uni mates and finally…. THE EPIC POST GRADUATION ADVENTURE TO SOUTH AMERICA!!! The flights are booked, the planning has begun and myself and fellow travel buddy Sasha are running away for 2 months to explore the delights of this spectacular continent!

So that’s it, my 2017 round-up complete! I hope everyone will continue to follow my adventures through my final year of vet school and what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable year! I wish you guys all the best for the New Year!!

Lots of Love,

The Baby-vet x

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