Your first time experiencing the magic of Walt Disney World will be truly unforgettable. It is unlike any other holiday you’ll ever undertake and with Disney’s unique Imagineering, young or old, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Trust me when I say Walt Disney World isn’t just your standard run of the mill theme park, I’ve been 7 times and I still can’t get enough! I have been trekking in the Amazon Rainforest, experienced the majesty of the Taj Mahal, snorkelled with sea lions in The Galapagos and yet Walt Disney World is still one of my favourite holiday destinations and here’s why!

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It has something for everyone…

Unlike many theme parks which are geared towards a specific audience; be it adrenaline junkies or tiny tots, Disney has created the perfect balance to suit almost all tastes. It has high thrill rides, breathtaking displays and shows, comedy to suit all ages and something to keep everyone occupied. If you want to shop til you drop, eat until you explode, share a magical moment with your favourite character or take on every ride in the park, Disney has you covered!

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The technology is phenomenal …

Disney Imagineers are some of the world’s finest in their fields. The technology produced and attention to detail of the firework displays, shows and rides are unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere. Every experience is geared towards each individual being fully immersed in Disney magic, and trust me when I say they succeed every time. On my latest trip, I got to experience the Avatar land, Pandora and was blown away by the attention to detail (check out my review of the uniquely themed snacks here). It really felt like you were transported to another world and Flight of Passage, the simulator ride which feels like you’re riding on the back of a Banshee was so mesmerising it brought me close to tears. 

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If you have something to celebrate, Disney makes your time extra special….

I have been lucky enough to see out several birthdays while at Walt Disney World and there is no better way to celebrate! From shouted birthday greetings, character signed cards, special birthday character appearances, freeby desserts and the opportunity to open Magic Kingdom (yes you heard that correctly!?!), everyone pulls out the stops to ensure your day is extra magical and it really makes things special. This isn’t just the case for Birthdays, whatever you’re celebrating be it a wedding anniversary, graduation, or even your first Walt Disney World visit, the cast members will do everything to ensure your day rocks! Just head to guest services upon arrival and claim your free personalised badge and let everyone know you are celebrating and you’re sure to have one of the best days doing so. 

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It’s Impossible To Get Bored…

There are very few places I’ve visited thus far that I would happily return to, I mean there are so many amazing places to visit, why would I want to go back to the same place? Walt Disney World, however, is different. There is so much to see and do you’re spoilt for choice! Even when you’ve conquered all the rides, there are the characters to meet, the shops to explore, the food challenges, hidden Mickey hunting, the various must-do photography spots to find (check out my review of Disney’s memory maker – a way to document your trip, the Disney way!) and of course who could forget the shows and parades? Oh yeah, and did I mention there are SIX parks to do all these things at? Like I said, it’s very difficult to get bored and what’s more, the parks are always changing, I don’t think there’s one year I’ve been where there hasn’t been something new to discover. 

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If You Are Tactical There’s No Need To Queue…

I think the most off-putting thing to most people when they think about a Disney holiday is the prospect of spending your holiday stood queuing in the baking Florida heat. However, plan wisely and this doesn’t have to be the case. Disney has thought about this dilemma and has created some handy solutions to keep you moving during your visit. The Fastpass+ system allows you to pre-book fast passes up to 60 days in advance if you’re a Disney guest and 30 days for non-Disney resort guests. This clever system allows you to book a time to visit up to 3 popular attractions in advance and use the queue-jump line. On the day of your visit, you can also book more fast passes once your initial pre-booked ones have been used up. I am writing a whole post about ‘The Disney Fastpass+ system’ so I’m going to leave it there, but know that it’s excellent when utilised properly and most importantly, free! There are other time saving and queue reducing tips too such as the child swap for parents with little ones who can’t ride the bigger attractions, extra magic hours for Disney resort guests and just utilising the age-old tip of arriving early or late to the parks when the crowds are at their natural low. Anyway, long story short, if you plan it right and utilise the aids available to you, there’s no need to spend your holiday queuing.

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It is truly the happiest place on earth…

At Disney, you can’t help but embrace that infectious bubble of happiness. There are no pouty faced employees who couldn’t care less if you enjoyed yourself or not. The Disney Cast Members take pride in their work and go the extra mile to ensure they keep you smiling. Again it goes back to that unique immersiveness Disney creates; the attention to detail is remarkable! Every ride queue, the walkways, the employees all in perfect character, it’s unique, fascinating and fun. Also, I don’t even have kids but you can’t help get that warm fuzzy feeling when you see the joy and excitement on all the children’s faces as they experience Disney magic. I have witnessed many a grown man cry in Walt Disney World when witnessing their kids meet Mickey Mouse for the first time. I challenge anyone to try and be miserable at Disney.

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Disney does a lot for the environment…

Ok, before the die-hard climate activists jump down my throat here, I know that the Disney corporation isn’t perfect, they are certainly far from it. However, unlike many many other multi-million pound corporations, they are at least actively trying to reduce their waste, carbon footprint and use greener alternatives. They are also passionate about conservation and donate a lot of money towards various projects and to the protection of the environment. We have to accept that no one, not even individuals are going to change their ways overnight, but as people keep telling us, if everyone each made a few small changes, it could contribute to making a big difference. I am therefore willing to give Disney a pat on the back for their efforts and say if you’re going to choose to take a holiday somewhere based on their dedication to going green, there are definitely many worse places you could choose. 

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The fireworks displays are out of this world…

Think you’ve seen a good firework display? Think again because once you’ve seen how Disney light up the sky, your expectations will truly be changed. They set lakes on fire, have fireworks shooting out of Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell flies from the top of the Disney castle and the timing and musicality is faultless. On my last visit, we experienced the Happily Ever After fireworks display at Magic Kingdom for the first time and I cried like a baby. Though this post may make you think otherwise, I’m usually not a mushy person so the fact it gives me those deep feels lends itself to how spectacularly it is executed. 

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And of course, we have to talk about the rides!

Now my family are all self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies, however, at Disney, we love every ride from the runaway trains, the 3D experiences, the scream-worthy rollercoasters and even the relaxed visual rides like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Because each ride has so much attention to detail from the interactive queues, the cast member who play their characters so well to the actual experience on the ride itself you find yourself awestruck with almost every single one

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So, if that doesn’t convince you to at least consider a trip to Walt Disney World, I don’t know what will! If you’d like more inspiration if you’re considering booking a Disney Trip, check out the link here to find lots more posts about the most magical place on earth, but until next time, See ya real soon! 

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Why You Should Visit Walt Disney World

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